Healthy Relationships

The Peterborough Pregnancy Support Services (PPSS)  is proud to offer the Pause & Think Program, a free  interactive presentation on healthy relationships and informed decision making to secondary schools in the Kawartha Pine Ridge District. 


To provide youth with an information-based and practical overview of healthy relationships and informed decision-making in a dating paradigm. 


Youth should be able to recognize and articulate accurate definitions of healthy and unhealthy relationships, intimate partner violence, consent, and abstinence.

What we cover:

  • Definitions of relationships: familial & friendship vs. romantic relationships
  • Healthy vs. unhealthy relationships
  • Intimate partner violence: definition and cycle
  • Romantic relationships: components, bio-psycho-social implications, and questions to ask before deciding to date
  • Decision making in romantic relationships
  • Sex vs. abstinence
  • Consent and boundary- setting
  • Breaking up and moving on

Programming is flexible to meet the unique needs of your group. A revised version of the program is also available upon request.   

Booking Information:

To book a presentation for your schools, or youth group, please call 705-742-4015 or e-mail info(@)