Post-Abortion Recovery

Post-Abortion Recovery Program

Have you, or has someone you know, undergone an Abortion procedure? The choice to abort is never easy, and you are not alone. While each woman has a different experience during and following a termination of pregnancy, some women experience negative feelings after their procedure.

These are some of the feelings that some women feel after an abortion: 

– Feelings of guilt/shame associated with the Abortion

-Depression, emotional numbing, anxiety/fearfulness, nightmares/flashbacks 

– Suicidal thoughts 

– Avoidance of reminders of the abortion or of anything to do with babies

– Anger or rage reactions 

– Alcohol or other substance abuse  

– Difficulty in romantic relationships

– Deterioration of self-concept or negative self-image

– Mood or behaviour changes each year near the time of the abortion or the baby’s due date (known as “anniversary grief”)

– Attachment difficulties with future children 

– Difficulty in future sexual relationships 


Living in Color by Jenny McDermid

One of the goals of this program is to restore faith and trust in yourself and find that peace you are looking for.

The following thoughts were shared by women completing this healing journey:

The reality of symptoms (that I’ve been ashamed of) being discussed openly as reasonable reactions to abortion is new and refreshing.”

“Shame and fear were my major feelings. I was unable to disclose my abortions. Secrets were hidden, buried. I was unable to admit that I had had the abortions, and unable to have healthy relationships with men or women.”

“I feel incredibly grateful that this group was offered. I carried my abortion burdens alone for twenty-one years and felt that I could never tell anyone about them, let alone acknowledge my children and have a memorial service! I feel grateful, free, real. This program is awesome!”

Contact us if you or someone you know may be experiencing these feelings. (705) 742-4015.  Individual counselling and support groups are available. Counselling services are free and confidential.