Our centre provides various services, including medical-grade pregnancy testing and options information, educational classes through Bright Course, physical supplies for individuals and families facing unintended pregnancies and a post-abortion program for those affected by this life decision. We also offer STI testing and treatment and sexual health education to nonpregnant individuals.

No referral is necessary to access our free services. Anyone can book an appointment with us.

No. Our staff at PPSS is committed to providing equal, compassionate care to every individual who contacts or visits our clinic. As part of Pregnancy Care Canada, we adhere to the Commitment of Care and Competence, which states that clients are served “without regard to race, colour, religion, creed, national origin, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, lifestyle, or other arbitrary circumstances.”

Our staff and volunteers receive comprehensive and professional training through various resources, including up-to-date manuals, webinars, conferences, online training, leadership coaching, and in-person sessions. In addition, our personnel receives medically accurate information on options for individuals facing unintended pregnancy and training in client care, including cross-cultural sensitivity, trauma-informed care, crisis management, pregnancy loss, mental health, and healthy relationships. After initial training, staff and volunteers receive ongoing mentorship, supervision, and training to ensure they provide services with compassion, empathy, and best practices.

Our centre is staffed by administrative personnel and medical staff, including a nurse manager, registered nurses, and a medical director (doctor or nurse practitioner). Our centre is also supported by dedicated volunteers who offer their time to help our organization.



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