When you donate to PPSS, you instantly smooth the way for stressed women and men struggling with their pregnancy situation. This is because you enable our centre to provide essential services that help meet key immediate and long-term needs of clients, such as:

  • A caring and non-judgmental environment in which individuals may confidentially share their burdens and de-stress on a weekly basis
  • Accurate information for individuals to make “informed decisions” regarding their pregnancy options (carrying vs. termination) and parenting options (parenting vs. adoption) that have life-altering consequences.
  • Access to free baby items and maternity wear in our gift room to help offset high financial costs of parenting
  • Free urine-based pregnancy tests to help anxious individuals come more quickly to terms with their circumstances
  • One-on-one educational classes on important prenatal, parenting and relationship issues to help build confidence and awareness
  • Referrals to community resources who help in areas the pregnancy centre do not (ie. addictions counselling, etc.) so that individuals receive all the support they need!

Here are different ways you can donate today!


We now have e-transfer with automatic deposit (no need for a password) please leave your address in the comment section