This five (5) week program helps fathers to be the best dad they can be through fun and practical lessons that include videos and homework sheets.  With each lesson completed, fathers will earn credits known as “daddy dollars” (no cash value) for baby supplies, including baby clothes, blankets, diapers, etc.  Fathers have the option to attend these sessions independently, with their partner, or with a group of dads.   



The five topics covered include: 

1.   Priority (To Be a Father) Includes tips toward enjoying, and succeeding at the job of a lifetime–being a Dad!       

2. Pacesetter (Taking a Lead as a Father)  Includes parent/child interaction, stable parent/child relationships, teaching limits with love (discipline), and helping your child do well in school. 

3. Partner (Relationship with Partner) Includes the father being there during labour and birth, emotions, attending to mom’s needs, and the benefits of marriage for men. 

4. Protector (Dad Looking After the Family)  Includes keeping your child safe, shaken baby syndrome, car seat safety, crib safety, and household safety.

5. Provider (for your child’s physical,  emotional, & spiritual health)  Includes work and family, connecting, relating, fathering from a distance, and taking care of yourself.  This session includes a free gift booklet “You Have What It Takes” by John Eldredge.