Client Stories

We are pleased to share the stories of some amazing individuals who sought our support during their pregnancy journey.


Single, anxious, unemployed, living in a hostile environment and dealing with an emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend – Julie’s circumstances are far from ideal when pregnant with her first child. Through fierce determination, however, Julie is able to make changes that lead to a better life for herself and her baby. Click to read Julie’s full story.


While Karen always dreamed of having a daughter, at age 23 she was told she could never have children. 18 years later, long after she accepted her fate, Karen receives the greatest surprise of her life. Click to read Karen’s full story.


Bohar, a married Afghan immigrant with a seven year old daughter, dreams of getting higher education and becoming more self-sufficient. Learning she is unexpectedly pregnant during her last year at Fleming, however, puts a big wrench in her plans. Click to read Bohar’s full story.